Frank Sinatra. Sammy Davis Jr. Dean Martin. Marilyn Monroe. John F. Kennedy. Sixty years ago, the hotels and casinos of Crystal Bay were the most dazzling and exciting places at Tahoe. Soon, they will be again.


Crystal Bay 2.0

The rejuvenation of Crystal Bay is the promise of a thrilling new chapter in Tahoe’s storied history — the creation of a resort destination unlike any Tahoe has seen. There will be two spectacular resorts: Boulder Bay Resort, and Larry’s Ellison’s remaking of the Cal Neva Hotel & Casino. Both are bold developments backed by the imagination and resources of prominent entrepreneurs.

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Room Hotel
Sq Ft Wellness Center

The vision for Boulder Bay is a resort that celebrates the very essence of all that is Tahoe — rejuvenation, recreation and relaxation.

A different kind of experience has to be created...the days when people came to Tahoe explicitly to gamble are over. “People are more attracted to the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe, with its trails and opportunity to engage in skiing, golf, hiking and biking. This is Boulder Bay’s audience.

Roger WittenbergDeveloper of Boulder Bay

Roger was a visionary in that he was the first person to focus on health and wellness, rejuvenation and relaxation...and why the casino gets smaller and the spa larger.

Heather BaconPresident of the Tahoe Biltmore Lodge & Casino